ICH Robotic iCleaner

Power Driven Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner

If you are spending more time cleaning your pool than enjoying it, you need the I-Robot at your place.

A complete cleaning solution and unbeatable value.

The I-Robot complies with Australian and New Zealand electrical standards

The I-Robot robotic pool cleaner is designed to enhance your pool cleaning experience. All you have to do is place the robot in the pool, turn it on and it will clean the floor and walls automatically. The self contained vacuum bag, means there is no need to clean your cartridge filter or sand filter after the vacuuming is done. Simply rinse the internal vacuum bag, and you are ready for the next clean.

The I-Robot comes standard with all the features you would expect from far more expensive brands:

  • a genuine wall climbing robot,
  • 300 liters per minute of filtration,
  • 15 or 30m tangle resistant floating cable,
  • a full function, wireless remote control, with “Floor only cleaning” option,
  • a caddy to move and store your robot,
  • sponge wheels suitable for all pool surfaces,
  • a 24 month limited warranty,
  • exceptional after sales service,
  • several filtration grades available.




Australian Made