Magnesium Rich Mineral Blend

Element has been formulated by organic chemists to establish the best possible mineral blend that benefits bathers and pool owners. Our vision is every pool owner should have access to the benefits of a mineral pool.

The Element blend of minerals is ideal for younger bathers and those with sensitive skin and eyes. It creates the ultimate water environment with significantly less irritants than conventional salt or chlorine based pools. Magnesium is a key ingredient in Element's unique mineral blend, creating the Element experience of silky smooth crystal clear water. Magnesium acts as a clarifier that helps filter out microscopic organic matter creating superb water clarity.

Element minerals enhances bather comfort with lower TDS levels compared to conventional salt and chlorinate based pools. This means the water always feels softer, smoother and gentle on the body.

Element minerals allows everyone to enjoy the benefits of a mineral pool. Its affordability and health benefits make it the clear choice for pool owners. Start using Element minerals in your mineral, salt or retrofit pool today.





Australian Made